Business Class Ethernet Solutions

Get seamless and scalable connectivity with Time Warner Cable Business Class Ethernet solutions. Ethernet delivers mission-critical connections between your business locations. Provided via the Time Warner Cable fiber-rich optic network, we use your existing Ethernet lines to offer high-capacity links between multiple offices.

  • Flexible configurations with or without Internet Access
  • Delivered over high performance fiber-rich network
  • Scalable bandwidth speeds to meet your changing business needs, from sub-T1 to 10 Gbps

  • Robust SLAs for availability, latency/repair and mean-time-to-repair (MTTR)
  • End-to-end network monitoring to ensure reliable operations
  • Performance monitoring tools streamline work efficiency
  • Layer 2 transmission and performance advantages with Ethernet services
  • Flexible pricing (flat rate or usage based)
  • Dedicated customer support 24/7

We provide flexible choices to get seamless and scalable connectivity.

MEF-compliant, Ethernet EPL, connects two locations via a secure point-to-point connection. Bandwidth speeds are scalable and range from sub-T1 to up to 10 Gbps. If your business requires a direct, two-way connection between two locations, EPL is a perfect choice.

MEF-compliant EVPL is the right choice if you have a headquarters building with several branch offices. This point-to-multipoint configuration EVPL keeps the headquarters location as the hub, with branch offices as the spokes. The 'spoke' locations communicate securely back to the hub. Using EVPL will reduce the demand on your IT staff as it’s an easy-to-understand, standard technology.

If your enterprise needs to enable communications between headquarters and branch offices, and also between branch offices, this is the solution for your business. Also called multipoint to multipoint Ethernet, this MEF compliant Ethernet solution can help you lower your costs by reducing capital expense.