Modern services to make guests feel at home and keep them coming back

In the hospitality industry, meeting your guests expectations is priority one. You need a technology solutions partner that provides the best in HD television programming, on-demand video, crystal-clear voice and secure, high-speed Internet connections. Time Warner Cable Business Class offers hospitality solutions using the cutting-edge technology to provide your guests with the home-away-from-home experience every time they stay with you.

  • Move data securely and quickly
  • Increase administrative efficiency
  • Share data and access to applications between hotel properties
  • Provide wireless "anywhere" connectivity for guests and employees

Common Healthcare technology challenges include multiple locations, private networks for shared reservations systems, wireless connectivity, and customized technology implementations for different locations. Time Warner Cable Business Class understands your business and is ready to help you overcome these challenges.

Solutions for the Hospitality Industry include:

  • Pro:Idiom encryption for the hospitality industry, compatible with LodgeNet
  • Set-Back Box solutions for in-room televisions
  • Dedicated Internet Access
  • Wideband Internet Access
  • PRI, Business Class Phone
  • 24/7 Technical Support